To Pick Up
(Note: Change to Linden Hills pickup time below!)


On Salad Days, you will encounter great variety and flavors in our freshly picked produce and lots of ideas for simple preparation. We grow heirloom vegetables, hundreds of varieties of them, to give you moderate amounts each week of many selections, awakening your senses and pleasing your palate.

Beginning in June (through early October) we will pick, pack, and deliver your bag of produce to any of three Twin City locations. You may meet us at any of them without special notice.

If you plan to be out of town at any point during this time, please follow the rules indicated on our Contact Us page when scheduling for your vacation.

Twin Cities locations - Thursdays

Blue Moon Coffee Cafe, Lake & 39th, South Minneapolis - 4:30-6:00pm

Garden of Eva, Marshall & Snelling, St Paul - 6:30-7:00pm

Linden Hills Food Coop, 3815 Sunnyside, Minneapolis - 7:40-8:00pm (changed)
(near 44th and France)

~~~ Local Farm Pickup ***Fridays*** 5:00-7:00pm ~~~

Local Pickup
Local members can pick up at the farm on Fridays between 5pm and 7pm, or arrange to meet in Milaca or Princeton midday.  Please call 320 983-2289 for details on local pick up spots.

Because we use reuseable cloth bags that are gentle on the produce and the planet, you simply trade an empty bag for a full one each week, pick up recipes and a newsletter that tells you more about your food selections and this week at the farm, and have time for conversation. By advance arrangement, we offer a late drop site and the option to skip a week you are away and make it up when you return.

We commit this farm's harvest entirely to our members and to the food sufficiency of the farm household. We grow restaurant quality and diversity for you.

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We also invite you to participate in the community life of the farm, to awaken the fields and wild creatures at Mayfest, to tour the farm midsummer, and to arrange your pickup on the farm any Friday evening between 5 and 7pm that works for you. Your farm visits are welcome, but not required.